Hers was the world, and she was Queen.

c l e m e n t i n e - t a n g er i n e .
26 October
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a good night's sleep, being a sales assistant, colin hay, connecting with cool people, cutting from magazines, days like summer, discrete maths, emotive typing, faith in people, friends-you-can-share-comfortable-silences-with, garden state, guided by voices, headphones, honesty, john cale, john cusack, laslo bane, low cut trousers, man hoodies, minimalism, my adopted brother, pastel blankets, people with definition, rings, runaway jury, safety, scrubs, sex, showers&thunder-after-a-hot-day, simplicity, sisterly love, soundtracks, summer afternoons, the incredible moses leroy, the shins, tidy rooms, touching, watching-movies-while-it's-thundering, writing